Our partners are made up of professional institutions in Australia and China


The Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre (ARRC) Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre is a virtual centre within the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. The foundations of ARRC are the strong collaborative association of clinical practice, research and education between the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, other Royal Melbourne Hospital departments, and other Centres nationally. The ARRC’s mission is to establish a model of national interdisciplinary research and translation, specifically addressing rehabilitation for specific disorders to:

  1. Raise the profile of rehabilitation and consolidate related-research activities at Melbourne Health, and in strategic planning for future research collaboration, future researchers and funding.

  2. Bring together a consortium of national (and international) researchers and clinicians from different disciplines in a formal collaboration that will provide the intellectual dynamism needed for a novel approach to rehabilitation of these conditions.

Zhongshan Elderly Services Human Resources Development Area, Jiangsu, China

Zhongshan Elderly Services Human Resources Development Area was established in 2010,with the joint effort of Jiangsu Aging Development Foundation, Jiangsu Province Hospital and Zhongshan Vocational College, and it was approved by Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission. With the total investment of 2 billion RMB, Zhongshan Elderly Services Human Resources Development Area has developed and implemented the innovative “five-in-one” multi-functional model, integrating aged care education, aged care professional training, aged care research, aged care services and rehabilitation, in order to meet the growing demands and the complex needs of the Chinese ageing society.

Epworth HealthCare

Epworth HealthCare is Victoria’s largest not for profit private health care group, renowned for excellence in diagnosis, treatment, care and rehabilitation.


Epworth is an innovator in Australia’s health system, embracing the latest in evidence-based medicine to pioneer treatments and services for patients.

Epworth aims to be the pre-eminent provider of quality healthcare for its patients through the integration of clinical practice with education and research. Epworth is committed to providing the best in patient diagnosis, treatment and care and be the healthcare service where people see that their needs will be best met. Epworth is also a teaching provider, educating the next generation of health professionals through our medical, nursing and allied health education and training programs.

Pan Asia Pacific Medical Institute,
Shanghai, China

旨在为亚太医学事务提供国际交流平台,促进国际医学网络发展合作和提供医学专业人士高阶学术项目。 作为国际物理医学与康复医学会(ISPRM)的官方授权运营单位,缳亚医学自2014年以来,每年组织承办ISPRM发展中国家峰会。为中国以及亚太的康复同道,带来最新鲜、最顶尖的康复学术内容。





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