Rehabilitation Medical Group
Management Limited

International Rehabilitation Medical Group Management Limited was founded with the aim to provide international and domestic academic supporting and interaction platform for rehabilitation medical development in the Asia-pacific area. International Rehab has exerted lots of effort on promoting the international rehabilitation medical network development and providing high-level academic projects for rehabilitation medical professionals. As the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine’s (ISPRM) official authorised operating unit, International Rehab has hosted the ISPRM summit in developing countries since 2014. The International Rehab team has always insisted in bringing the freshest, and the most advanced rehabilitation academic content to Chinese fellows.


International Rehab has two new media platforms, with the name of“International Rehab Medical News”and “Pan Asia Pacific Medical Rehab”, which have become the largest domestic rehab professional media platforms, with 60000+ active fans. The new platforms provide daily rehabilitation news, training information, and exclusive reports from many industry's top academic conferences and professionals, as well as online training information and resources. International Rehab also operates another new media platform, with rehab patient fans, called “IHF International Rehabilitation ", which positions itself as a professional health management platform to provide home rehabilitation and disease prevention knowledge. It also holds regularly the activities for both online and offline of science popularisations and voluntary diagnosis by experts.


International Rehab and SAAPRM help China’s rehabilitation industry to be better involved into the international rehabilitation family, by organising domestic rehabilitation professionals to participate in very high level international conferences, doing academic exchanges with international experts, and inviting renowned rehabilitation experts to share experiences, teaching skills, and practical training resources in China.

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