The Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre (ARRC) Royal Melbourne Hospital

The Australian Rehabilitation Research Centre (ARRC) is a ‘virtual’, interdisciplinary centre of excellence in rehabilitation research within the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at The Royal Melbourne Hospital (RMH), Victoria Australia. Its framework is the World Health Organization Global Disability Action Plan 2014-2021 to improve clinical outcomes across the spectrum of rehabilitation, from acute through to palliative care, with a predominant focus on long-term neurological conditions.


The Centre’s mission is to establish a model of national interdisciplinary research and translation, specifically addressing rehabilitation for specific neurological disorders.


The Centre’s objectives include:

  • Developing a platform for a National Rehabilitation Strategy to ensure people with disability are supported in optimizing their recovery through timely, skilled, and cost-effective medical rehabilitation.

  • Addressing challenges associated with provision of rehabilitation for people with a disability following illness or injury.

  • Collaborating with international partners (academic institutions, healthcare institutions, INGOs, NGOs) in building and strengthening rehabilitation capacity through education and training including developing skilled work-force, improving service provision and awareness of rehabilitation. 

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